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Maryann is a certified Life Coach.


Life Coaching is people caring for people

Life coaching is a ministry designed to give hope and help to those who are hurting. Together, we will discover biblical truths and learn to apply them in your specific life circumstance. Our goal is to offer encouragement to those who are struggling and extend God’s grace, not judgment, in times of failure or difficulty. We provide a place of safety and confidentiality when you need a listening ear. You can meet with a life coach individually, or as a couple or family.

A Life Coach is a person who cares

A Life Coach is a person like you who has struggled also! Their difficulties have given them a heart for people who are hurting. They have undergone years of special training to help them provide sound biblical advice for a variety of life experiences.

Life Coaching is for anyone faced with issues in life

If you happen to be struggling with destructive attitudes, relationship problems, conflict, emotional difficulties, addictions, grief or loss, then life coaching could be right for you. Perhaps you are faced with a major decision, trying to find a place in ministry, or just want to grow spiritually. Life coaches can be your helping hand.


Contact her to schedule a consultation.

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